Steroidal Goldfish

Horseshoes, shoe brads, glass stoppers.

Voyageurs Camp Sign

Horseshoes, rebar, rail spikes, 1930's tent stakes, iron rings.

Interlocked Hearts

Interlocked gift for K&M C...horseshoes, copper ring, brass ring, iron ring.

Buggy Rim Clock

Buggy Rim Clock...iron buggy wheel rim, rebar, horseshoes, stove cover lifters, barbed wire, rail spikes, armatures, harness rings, clock workings.


Diamond plate, horseshoes, cast iron door embellishment, square and round nails.


Small fuel tank, steel wire, copper wire, iron balls.

Abundance Gratidude


Prayer Gratidude


Fork Bugs


Family of Five

Horseshoes, broken tire chains, rollup door chain, rebar.

Eclectic Lamp

Misc. found items, 1920's car steering assembly, lamp kit.

U.S.All of us

Oil Drum lid.

Eclectic Cross

Misc. found objects, gate hinges.

Spike Cross

Railspikes, industrial washer, faucet handle, bolt.

Paleo Ichthyo

Pick heads, rebar, r.r/mining spikes, door knob, bolts, tractor brake pedal.

Chain Driven

3 gauges of drive chain, horse harness loops, sardine can key, roofing washer, bailing wire, pliers, flower cart u-bolt, square nails, ore car spike, lattice.

Shaky Shooter

Diamond plate, horseshoes, rocker, spent casings, misc. armatures.

Go Red Wings!!!

Horseshoes, wheel hub, tire chains, structural washer, tire, circular steel compression washer, 1930's car body, lattice.

The Magnetic--A Water Feature

Repro r.r. spitune, rebar, syrup can, tin cups, pocket knife, bed spring, misc. rust.

Tirechain Heart

My broken tire chains.

Horseshoe Heart




Oil Drum Clock

Oil drum lid, clock innards.

Celtic Shoeknot


Rusty the Horse 2

Rebar, horseshoes.


Oil drum lids, steel lattice, concrete.

Glassback Turtle

Keys, wire, broken glass, mesh, knife butt, belt buckle, etc.

Yellow Daisy

Oil drum lid, bottle caps.

Tahoe Project

1930's car body.

White Daisy

Oil drum lid, bottle caps.

Cage-Free Chicken

Diamond plate, rebar, western harp, gear section, horseshoes, keys, emt, tin, porcelain coated bowls.

Rusty the Horse

Rebar, horseshoes.

Beatles Au Rust

A nightmare of wire, powder case, miscellaneous coated and uncoated tin items, padlocks, iron mesh and diamond plate.

Old Horseshoe Puzzle

Horseshoes, chain, steel ring.

Rose Sin Thorns

Heavy wire, tin, cast iron, solder...Happy Mother's Day!

Cactus with Child in Can

Coffee can, lattice, 1930's car body, concrete.

Cactus in a Can

Coffee can, lattice, 1930's car body, concrete.

Colonial Flag

Square stock, lattice, angle iron, 1930's car body.

Flowers de Caps

Drum lids, bottle caps and 3 kids to paint.

DeeDee the Dog

Horseshoes, fan blades, silver spoon, insulators, wire, rebar, bed spring, coiled mesh.

Brown Little Piggy

Gasket frame, horseshoes, shock spring, coiled spring.

Repurposed to Windchimes

Copper pipe from their crawlspace, wheel armature, bronze wire, 7UP bottle, wire.

Elaphus Magnetus

Tough old emt, curly hook thing, railroad spikes, steel wool, rebar.

Common Iron Rattler

Emt, lock, key, bolts, figure 8 clasp.

Iron at 50 Degrees

Diamond plate, horseshoes, lock, screen, rebar, wire, roofing tacks, etc.

Frightened Barbed Kitty

Horseshoes, rebar, lock, roofing tacks, stein top, barbed wire.

Cupcakes au Rust

Pitch fork, wire, sardine can, mesh, rebar, etc.

Magic School Bus

Old milemarker, spark plug, wire, favorite lunch box.

Metal Mantis

For my wife, old CA license plate, glass beads, bottle, expanded metal, wire, knife handle.


Metal bench legs, horseshoes, rebar, pliers, deadbolt, wire, screen, etc.

Flashlit Hummingbird at Lunch

Flashlight, toothpaste tubes, bedpan, wire, steel wool.

Voyageur a la Sardine

Sardine can, hinge, license plate hat, wire.

Lesser Iron Woodpecker

Expanded metal, bearings in race, spring and armature.


The one that led to my addiction.

Mussels n Rust

For my daughter, a hanging gizmo with opened mussel shells.

Paleozoic Dragonfly

Horse shoes, oxen shoes, rebar, copper wire, tire chains, muffler, lock nuts, steel wool, telco openwire insulators.