Ever see 'what could be'? For years it was in the back of my mind to put discarded rust to form and create something fun...something to last. When I got the floor space to work toward that, many after work hours, weekends, and an amazingly understanding family allowed me to start self-learning metal joinery a-la-rust. A little braze, a little wire feed. A little o/acetylene, a little solder, but mostly

Still, be willing to throw perfect beads of welding out the window...wildly varied thickness, unlike alloys, and time's oxy-effect fight a smooth flow to no end. Penetrations run wild. Rather, be satisfied in the sturdy form that emerges from mind. Trial and error...and error, again. This ain't no frickin' factory...it's a fun lab! Put use to rusted architecture that was in its prime a century ago, never to be worked upon, again. Then step back and hear it sing! A rusty logo
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And thanks to Jeffrey Freeman Photography for his volunteered time.

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